Mario Odyssey, one of the newer Super Mario games in the franchise, after that X-Com wannabe game with those dam Rabbits, was available to play at this year’s EGX and stupidly enough, I decided to queue up for nearly two hours to play a 10 minute demo. Was it worth the wait?

Mario Odyssey sees Mario explore numerous worlds in a whole new light. Explore new worlds such as a city metropolis or something closer to home, like Mario’s sandy beach. Either way, you see Mario in a third person view, within an open world, ripe for exploring and conquering.

After that queue, which wasn’t one of the worst at EGX, I was given the option of exploring a city location or a more traditional dusty/desert’y location. I went for the city as that appealed to me the most. When you first start you are just dropped on top of the tallest skyscraper on the map and have to zip line down to the city. The city did look great. The buildings, the scenery and the small interactive elements like setting off a fire hydrant, I loved. There were people wondering around, they resembled the old Wii characters to a degree, but 10-times better. They were interactive, some would just talk to you and others would give you missions or objectives.¬†


Controlling Mario took a little getting used to, purely because you can move Mario forwards, backwards, left and right but also rotate the camera 360, with the other joystick. It wasn’t that hard to get used too but 10 minutes wasn’t enough! You can make Mario walk, run, jump, climb, crouch and throw his hat out to kill enemies. This city map didn’t have any enemies though, which sucked but the other map, that I didn’t play had all the usual culprits you associate with the Mario world.

So far so good but then… what was I meant to do?! Once I zipped down to the city, I didn’t know where to start or what to do. There was no mini map and waypoints were non-existent. From what I got to play, there were no missions as such. So what was the point? I was able to explore the city and interact with the surroundings, searching for cool loot but that was it. I spoke to a few people, one told me to find some musicians to start a band. I found a drummer, I smashed his cymbals, it was cool but where’s the story? why am I not looking for Bowser? I need to save Peach, surely?!

Perhaps I picked the wrong map, the city was more exploring and the other more platform/story, which had all the enemies I grew up with. Anyway, from what I saw, it looked great but from a game play point of view, I’m undecided. It comes out late next month!