Super Hot is a first person shooter/puzzle adventure that sees you, the player, pull off slow motion bullet dodges all while trying to fight off the enemy. All of this has to be done looking as cool as possible. But there’s a twist.¬†Enemies only move when you move.

And that’s what makes Super Hot so fun and frustrating and awesome all at the same time. Let me explain this further. So let’s say you have an enemy in front of you with a gun. If you’re stationary, so are they. As it’s now VR, if you move your head, the enemy can move until you stop. You step right, the enemy moves.

The enemy will use natural movements to fire off his weapon as quick as possible to take you out. So you need to take into consideration the journeys that the bullets will take too. Remember though, if a bullet is coming towards you, you move, the world around you moves too, so you got to analyse your surroundings and choose the best course of action to get out the way. Or you may face certain death from another bullet, or enemy making their way to you.

All of this done on a controller was great. Super Hot was really fun to play through. But now you’re in VR with two move controllers in your hand? You may as well start calling yourself Neo. Punch enemies with your on screen hands and send their guns flying. Grab those said guns with your hands while pulling off your best spin move to face the other way. Shoot your guns at them, and then do some crouching side steps to throw your now empty guns at more enemies. It’s frantic, and annoying.

At the end of each level, you get to see your performance in real time. It makes you want to keep going back for more as you just want to try and pull off the best looking sequence possible. Yeah you probably look like a bit of a plonker to outsiders, flailing your arms around the room, but you certainly feel cool inside the game.

I checked out Super Hot VR at this year’s EGX in Birmingham. I do not personally own a PS4, but after playing that, I have an itch. I want to play again, and I want to make my run throughs look as cool as possible. You can check out their website, plus also check out some awesome Super Hot run throughs too. You’ll be hooked in no time.