Is Boomer The Best Sidekick In FarCry 5?

boomer dog farcry 5 1

So we’ve just checked out FarCry 5 at EGX, and I can definitely say that this game is going to be insane when it’s released. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

But during our time with the pre-release, we got the chance to try the sidekick system out. The first part of our built saw us liberate a town, very similar to the taking over of bases in FarCry 4, or the overthrowing of villages in Primal.

But like Primal, where you could call on one of many beasts to give you a hand, in FarCry 5, you have the choice of using one of three different sidekicks. One being, Boomer the dog.

Now Boomer is the only animal that can help, and we’re not sure if there will be others as Boomer was the only one available to us. But the cute canine can bite the arms – and maybe the nads if you’re lucky – of enemies, rendering them helpless while you gun them down with your weapon. Boomer cal also pick up several firearms and bring them to you, if you find yourself under fire with no ammo.

The other sidekicks you can recruit is the “Boom Boom Motherfuckers” Grace Armstrong. a deadly sniper that would suit anyone with more of a gun-ho playstyle, and Nick Rye, the eyes in the sky, death from above dude who drops bombs and machine gun fire on enemies below. Best to send him in first to clear out some enemies before you run in.

FarCry 5 has been the most anticipated game since its announcement at E3 earlier in the year, and has definitely kept our attention now that we’ve had a chance to get hands on in the world. For more information you can check out the FarCry 5 website, or alternatively, pre-order on PC for the best experience of the game through Steam. You know… graphics are important after all, and the PS4 and Xbox One I feel just aren’t up for the task.

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