We hadn’t heard of GPO until we received an email from them but glad we did! They specialise in classic, vintage and retro technology, such as telephones, record players, speakers and radios. We were sent a GPO Westwood, a retro vibe Bluetooth speaker to check out.

First things first, this is a retro speaker and it looks great! I’m not a huge fan ofthe whole retro styling but this speaker definitely has me excited. Before I get carried away with its looks, lets check out its spec:

  • 25 watt output with sub-woofer
  • Multimedia connection through Bluetooth, RCA input and 3.5mm aux in
  • Bass, treble and volume controls
  • Vintage cloth style grill, carry handle and metal corner protectors
  • Size :¬†26 x 11 x 17.5cm, 1.8kg
  • Available in brown, red and black.

Back to its looks. We got sent the red version, with silver metal corner protectors and grey and black mesh. Very simplistic front, with just a GPO logo on the mesh but on the back is where it all happens. There are three knobs, power/volume, bass and treble, along with a button to switch between Bluetooth and aux. You can also find the aux in ports and power plug. The speaker comes with a handle, four feet for sturdy support and is relatively light and protable. It’s very well built, with subtle levels of great craftsmanship.

Using the speaker was very easy, no instructions needed. It’s as simple as plug and play, unless you go down the Bluetooth route, and then you need to pair your smart device to the speaker as standard. Everything is very well indicated on the back.

The speaker performs very well. It gets loud enough to fill a medium sized living room and will more than cater for small parties. Having the ability to adjust the bass and treble, really adds value to the speaker and is very rarely seen on Bluetooth speakers now. Coupled with the built in subwoofer, I was able to get a really well balanced mix to my style of music as this flexibility was available to me, I could alter the settings to suit the type of music I was listening to.

Overall, this is a great speaker and I loved it. It’s available to purchase for around ¬£80 and at that price, you wont find a better speaker that looks as good as this one! The only thing I would have liked to have seen is a built in battery. The speaker isn’t the smallest on the market and if there was a way of incorporating a battery, for true portable use, it would be even better!

For more info or to purchase, visit the GPO website.