Star Wars – The Tourist Guide

Ever wanted to visit a galaxy far, far away? Or have you ever wondered what the slave quarters of Moss Eisley look like? Dreamed about zipping through the Forest Moon of Endor on a speeder bike? Well now you can, and it’s all been sorted for you.

GoEuro have just teamed up with GetYourGuide to bring you their very own unique guide to the Star Wars Universe. They have collected information for you Star Wars nerds, including myself in that to get your teeth sunk into.

The guide even includes estimates on the new locations in the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie.

The locations have been ranked in order. To work out these rankings, GoEuro and GetYourGuide have included several factors including accessibility, accommodation and amenities (each worth 10%) with the Strength of the Force (worth 70%) to work out the overall score.

The locations are varied with some being Star Wars exhibitions and others filming locations.

The top five Star War experiences include:

  1. Legoland
  2. Lars Homestead and Tatooine Desert Scenes, Tunisia
  3. Rancho Obi Wan, USA
  4. The exterior of Lars Homestead, Tunisia
  5. Madam Tussauds’ Star Wars Exhibits, United Kingdom and Germany

We’ve included the infographic below. You can even visit the GoEuro website to find out more information on each location.



Star Wars Tourist Infographic

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