As saturated as the headphone market is now, with all kinds coming over from the far east, the Lindys I feel seem to get lost among the what feels like thousands of models available now. This is why we wanted to review them., because of their underdog status.

Manufactured by the Germans, and let’s face it, we all know how good their manufacturing skills are, the Lindy IEM-50X headphones offer one of the best build qualities I’ve seen in a while. They also look fantastic, being all black with a subtle reed band that goes around the rear of the ear bud.

There’s one thing that does make these stand our from more traditional headphones on the market, and that’s the ability to manually adjust the bass levels in each ear manually. The twist movement on the headphones rear opens and closes the rear chamber, making bass either someone in the background of your music, or more prominent, depending on the type of music you’re listening to.

Sound quality across the board is distinctly average, I wouldn’t say there was much to shout about if you compared them to the likes of Bose or a similar brand. However, that being said, for the price tag, and the manual control of the bass makes these a definite contender of headphone choice.

The cable is what’s called an anti-tangle cable which is very robust. I’ve used these headphones everyday for the past three week on my commute to the office, and I can definitely say they are extremely comfy. I have quite big ear canals so I opted for the larger bud, but there are smaller buds available in the box for you to find your best fit.

There is also an option to use the Lindy IEM-50Xs as a hands-free kit for your mobile. There is a small microphone box on the right earphone cable which is small enough to stay out the way. Sound quality on calls is great getting some good feedback on my voice from the person on the other end of the call we made.

For a £50.00 set of headphones, these are great. They sound good with the addition of the manual controlled bass and look cool too with the black and red contrast. They are well packaged and feel really substantial, better than some other competitors at this price range. You can find more info and even purchase some yourself on the Lindy website.