Put your hand up if you have ever thought, even just once, that being James Bond would be cool. Just me? I doubt that. Anyway, with the latest film in the James Bond series coming out this Friday in the UK, Currys PC World thought it would be a good idea to find out which Bond gadgets were most lusted after by the general public.

We were very surprised with the results. Cars were definitely on the mind as the Lotus Submarine-Car topped the list at 25%, the invisible Aston Martin coming in a close second at 24% and Piers Brosnan’s remote-controlled BMW at 21%

Other technology to hit the list were CCTV cameras which were dubbed essential for home security by two in five people and smart watches which could control other useful devices.

Currys PC World has already seen a 732% yer-on-year growth increase in smart technology category. The main products responsible for this is smart home lighting and heating. Last month saw a 38% increase alone.

SMART TVs are already becoming very popular with 28% of people confirming they own at least one in their home. Smart TVs have built-in apps like a web browser and Netflix. They require an internet connection to take full advantage of the apps.

james bond home 2

Half of the adults asked believe that smart face recognition doors will appear on the market within the next 20 years as a common feature of homes and just under half think robots will help us maintain the home. Anyone seen my Roomba?

Jon Bentley, Presenter at the Gadget Show, comments: “The survey results show strong enthusiasm for the exciting technological makeover that’s coming to transform many aspects of our domestic lives. Security, heating, energy control, robotics and even our health; they’re all on the brink of a gadget revolution. I can’t wait.”

Samantha Holroyd, Assistant Category Manager – Smart Home at Currys PC World, adds: “It’s exciting to see ‘the future’ start to make its way into British homes. Starting your washing machine on your way home or operating the lights from your phone is no longer reserved for the latest high-tech movie, it’s something that people can introduce into their own homes, right now.

She continues: “With more and more exciting innovations and smart products being released every month, the trend of the connected home is only going to catapult into the mainstream consciousness even more.”

If you would like to check out some of the smart home goodies on offer, please visit www.currys.co.uk to view their latest products.