Gonzo’s Quest – Will You Find El Dorado?

Are you a fan of slot machines? Do you occasionally enjoy playing games on online casino sites? Do you fancy discovering the wild and having an adventure of a lifetime? If you do, you will enjoy Gonzo’s Quest online and discover the Peruvian jungle while having a chance to bet and win!

Gonzo’s Quest is an online video slot game for desktop and mobile users that was first released by NetEnt games in 2010. They based the character’s name and look on Gonzalo Pizarro, a conquistador and brother of the more famous Francisco, conqueror of the Inca Empire in the 16th century.

The player will be introduced to the game via short 3D animation of Gonzo’s arrival at the Peruvian coast in galleon, where he stole a treasure map and went off to search for El Dorado, the lost city of gold. His quirky antics will accompany the player all throughout the quest.

The game’s interface has a pastel palette with 5 reels and 20 pay lines that shows seven different ancient symbols, such as: Fire, Alligator, Fish, Bird, Moon, Snake and Health, and wild card symbol that bears the Question Mark.

Though a player can hit the maximum potential jackpot of $93,750 with the 15x multiplier and win as much as 50 to 100 times their bet, hitting big amounts often is also not expected in the game. Moreover, it has two features: the avalanche and free spins, which contribute to the reason why after eight years since it was first released, the game still receives positive feed backs from players.

 Avalanche Feature

This feature sets the game apart from the other existing online video slot games, because instead of spinning, the symbols on the palette crumble down and the winning combinations explode to leave spaces for new symbols to fall into.  The cracking and crumbling down of palettes will continue if another winning combination will be made.

The Question Mark (wild card) can be substituted to any of the symbols on the reels (except in free fall) in order to form a win and can also be a part of the Avalanche fall, providing more chances of having winning combinations.

This feature, along with the increasing multipliers with each Avalanche, is what makes the players engrossed in the game.


Free Fall Icon

Each bet line that contains three Free Fall icons which can trigger ten free fall rounds (free spins). The free fall must appear in succession, starting from the left most reels. The multipliers may also increase up to 15x during a free fall because of the avalanche. Thus, this feature adds up to the entertainment value of the game.

Other features

Apart from the Avalanche and the free fall features of the game, the 3d video, graphics and soundtrack are also exquisite. The multi-layered sonic production is synchronized with the actions of the game making it a well-rounded game that also offers a full entertainment experience.

Gonzo’s Quest give its players a chance to find unimaginable treasures while enjoying the adventure of exploring the jungle. This will make you feel like a conquistador and feel the adrenaline rush as you discover treasure after treasure. This is definitely one of the online casino games that you’ll love!

While Gonzo’s Quest does not have a million features, its unique approach to free spins—the tumbling avalanche and free fall—keeps the player occupied 80% of the time and their eyes locked to the multiplier meter on the top left hand side of their screen, waiting until the next set of crumbling stones gave them the big win that they have been waiting for.

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