Kenwood kMix754 Mixer Review

We experienced a Kenwood mixer just before New Year, and absolutely fell in love with its design and functionality. But now it’s the Kenwood kMix754’s turn. It looks a lot different, and will probably work in a slightly different way too, but we’re not scared. We’re expecting good things.

So the new Kenwood kMix754 has been styled very traditionally. There is a definite feel of retroness about this product, and it does in my opinion look quite smart. But I’m in love with that whole 1950s bright coloured kitchen appliance style anyway.

The mixer does come in four colours being red, black, cream and what looks like grey on the box but I could be wrong. We were sent the …. one and it looks great. You can expect the same level of quality as the last Kenwood mixer we took a look at too.

While cooking, the mixer performed very well. I made a basic cake again and while all of our ingredients were mixed well, we did find that if there were too little ingredients in the 5 litre bowl, then the attachments were not long enough to reach. IF you were making a cake for the family, or a whole batch of cookies for example, you won’t find any issues here.

The machine can mix at six speeds, which is a little harder to judge than its older brother, but I never felt so out of control with what I was mixing. The bowl is pretty large and quite heavy too, which is great for sturdiness as this machine is powerful. I never had any issues with ingredients spilling over the top of the machine.

Once you’ve finished baking, washing up can be a nightmare. It’s good to know that the items that are touching food are all dishwasher safe. If you’re lucky enough to have a dishwasher that is. For me, it was handwashing only. But it was okay. Everything was easy enough to wipe down.

The machine overall is a very well built hulk, although a little large, so expect to keep it on a worktop if you’ve got limited cupboard space. Apart from that, I thoroughly loved using the Kenwood kMix754 mixer, and would recommend this to even the newest of cooks out there.

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