Global enterprises are announcing the best software development tools for 2021. Recently, Microsoft publicly emphasized that remote development teams require new coding tools to maintain collaboration and productivity. For example, one representative explained how code sharing tools are rising in popularity, especially for remote teams. As a software developer, you need to know which build tools major enterprises are recommending for the upcoming year. This way, you can maintain deployment efficiency and continue to build high quality applications. Read on to discover the best software development tools for 2021.

Low-Code Platforms

First, many tech giants are acknowledging the rise of low-code platforms. Typically, these tools speed up the app development process using drag-and-drop programming functions. In addition, many low-code platforms integrate with a variety of APIs and services. Naturally, this opens up the development landscape to individuals outside the tech industry. Importantly, this is these platforms do not require a deep coding knowledge or expertise in a specific programming language or framework. Moreover, some systems are growing more robust to include prebuilt components to automate workflows. Plus, many of these platforms also have visual debugging features to maintain app quality. For developers looking to boost efficiency or who have little coding experience, no-code and low-code technology are a must-have tool for 2021.

Advanced Docker Registry

In addition, global enterprises also recommend installing an advanced docker registry to streamline your the build process. Importantly, these robust tools provide reliable storage for your Docker container images. For example, a Docker registry by JFrog covers the full lifecycle of your development process. Indeed, this containerization software allows you to manage vulnerability analysis, artifact flow control, and distribution. Additionally, JFrog’s Docker registry can accommodate a large number of users, build servers, and interactions. Plus, it has massively scalable storage to grow with your enterprise. Certainly, advanced Docker registries offer the best solution to manage your application images, files, and repositories.

Open-Source IDEs

Next, global enterprises also announced that open-source integrated development environments (IDEs) are rising in popularity. Notably, many IDEs are compatible with multiple programming languages, such as JavaScript, HTML5, and C/C++. Typically, they provide reliable support for fast and smart code editing as well. Indeed, some auto completion systems provide code recommendations as you type. This allows you to reduce your programming time. Additionally, many environments can be installed on multiple operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, and MacOSX. Furthermore, many open-source development environments are free to install. With easy accessibility and robust features, open-source IDEs are one of the best development tools of 2021.

Quality Assurance Testing Tools

More so, large tech companies are also pushing quality assurance (QA) tools this year. These tools are essential to minimize costly performance and functionality errors. Some QA tools can standardize testing across your projects to hit software delivery targets. Indeed, this advanced flexibility allows you to test your projects faster. Notably, some QA tools have user interfaces built for fast testing execution. In addition, many QA tools integrate with major project management platforms. This way, you can align your testing results with your development projects in real-time. Some software even allows for two-way updates at the requirement level. This allows your developers to see when an error is flagged and to update it when they’ve made a correction. Definitely, quality assurance tools are essential to release high performance programs in 2021.

Security Testing Tools

Furthermore, global tech enterprises are also advocating for security testing tools. For example, DevOps teams are increasingly using penetration testing frameworks. Many of these tools are Java-based, supporting the testing process from initial mapping and analysis to identifying security vulnerabilities. In addition, many organizations are also using web app security tools to locate vulnerabilities. Many of these function as code scanners, supporting command-line access for their users. Moreover, developers can use more advanced tools to intercept a proxy for manual web page testing. Other important tools for security include getting an SSL certificate on your valuable digital assets. Whichever tool is best suited for your project, security testing is essential to protect your application data.

Global enterprises are announcing the best software development tools for 2021. First, many tech giants recognize the rise in low-code platforms for developers with little to no programming experience. Next, development companies also announced that open-source IDEs are rising in popularity. In addition, many major tech companies are using advanced Docker registries to streamline image storage and management. Moreover, quality assurance testing tools are also essential to deliver high-quality applications. Furthermore, global tech companies also recommend security testing tools to protect your sensitive data. Consider these points to learn about the best software tools for 2021 global enterprises are announcing.