With Whatsapp falling under the Facebook banner, who’s to say where your data is. And how many of you can keep track of Telegram conversations in big messaging groups? It’s difficult right? Well, there’s a new messaging app in town, going by the name of Element, and their mantra is security. Their service encrypts your messages end to end.

Element works very similar to current messaging apps, like Whatapp, Telegram and all the others out there, while having collaboration tools like you find in something like Microsoft Teams or Slack. But, with Elements, you get better data ownership and a stronger security on an open network.

This can all happen because Element is decentralised, and uses Matrix, which is an ‘open network for secure, decentralized communication’. This helps ensure that your messages are safe. This works by giving control back to the user, by enabling them to decide where they store messages. Whatsapp, Telegram and other popular messaging systems control this on a centralised server. So your data, your photos, videos and everything input into these applications are stored by these big companies behind messaging apps.

One new interesting feature is the fact users can now speak cross-platform. Well, with Discord anyway. Element allows users to use text-based communication across the Matrix network. This is something that you would probably not find on your traditional service apps, as the big boys love to keep you locked down to their apps.

So, if this all excites you, then head over to the Element website to get started. Element Home provides users with a fully managed, dedicated server, hosted by Element Matrix Services. Visit the site here.