Edifier R2730DB Active Speaker Review


A couple months back, we checked out the Edifier Luna HD speakers and they we’re brilliant, we fell In love. Edifier got back in touch with another pair of speakers, the R2730DB to be exact, and regardless of the boring name, we jumped at the chance to try them out. The R2730DB are an active, tri amp, 2.0 speaker system, featuring digital & analogue connections, bluetooth connectivity and on board bass & treble control. We’re hoping for good things so lets get into the box!

First off, the box is huge, as these speakers are pretty darn big. I would class these as bookshelf speakers but you need a pretty deep & sturdy bookcase to house these. It is also heavy, which I’d like to think meant the speakers are well constructed, with big chunky magnets on the back of those drivers so the bass is booming. Inside the box are the two speakers, speaker cable, power cable, RCA/Optical cables, a remote control and some instructions.

The speakers are housed in a wooden MDF box, with a mess grill to the front and overall finished in black and silver. These speakers are only available in black. There is a 6″ bass speaker, 4″ mid speaker and 19mm dome tweeter, as as a bass port. One of the speakers is the active speaker, which houses the amplifier, including the controls & infrared sensor, and powers the second speaker. This master speaker has a built in 5m high quality, chunky, durable speaker cable, which you need to use to connect the two together. Yes, it is fixed, which is a little annoying but lets hope 5m is enough for most applications.

On the back of the master speaker are two analog inputs (RCA), two digital inputs (optical & coaxial), power on/off and a sub out socket for added BASSSS. There are also 3 control knobs located on the side of the master speaker, a push/rotary button for volume and selecting the input and rotary knobs for both treble and bass. There is nothing on the slave speaker other than the speaker cable input. These speakers are big, they are heavy and they are packing 138w of power. They look great, I like the overall look, I like the classic feel, but the size does concern me a little bit, I was struggling to imagine where I’d put them in my home.


No real set up required with these speakers, they are very much plug & play. I connected the speakers to my phone via bluetooth and RCA jack, plus had an optical out of my TV. The audible results were superb! I listened to a variety of music through these, including jazz, musical theater and rock, quite a mix I know, and without adjusting the treble & bass, it all sounded fantastic! Punchy bass with crisp highs, sounds & tones were distinct and enjoyable. Pushing all that 138w to the max, the volume can become piercing but the quality remains, though be careful of any local ornaments, that bass booms.

I also thought I’d hook these upto my TV to see what they would sound like while watching a movie. So I put on the latest Star Wars movie, turned down the lights and skipped to one of the actions scenes. It sounded good, the gun fire, space ships and explosions sounded great, the talking, not so much. These speakers are designed for TV but they do a pretty good job anyway, far better than some soundbars I’ve tried in the past. If you could add a center speaker, it would be awesome.

Remember that sub out option? I personally do not think its needed, bass level is good and can be adjusted to suit.

Once again, Edifier deliver on build quality, look and performance with the R2730DB. My only concern is the size of them but perhaps the rooms in my house are just too small for such beasts. They currently retail for £199.99, which is a good, competitive price, considering the quality they offer and that they do not require a separate amplifier.

For further info and to purchase, visit the official Edifier website.

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