Edifier R2000DB Bookshelf Speaker Review


In recent months we have tried out a few products Edifier currently has on offer, including the very impressive R2730DB and R1010BT bookshelf speakers, both of which have left a positive impression on us. We’ve just been sent another pair of speakers, the R2000DB’s which you could say are mid range between the two we previously reviewed. After seeing images of the speakers online, they look good, I just hope they perform as well as the others.

The speakers come boxed and well protected, the box is quite heavy but manageable. Inside the box you get the speakers, remote control and a variety of cables, including speaker cable (5m long), RCA & optical input. The speakers themselves are smaller than the R2730’s but bigger than the R1010’s, coming in at 175mm (w) x 230mm (d) x 288mm (h), which for me, is a good size for a bookshelf speaker. The speakers sit flush on the table via four small feet, with a slightly angled front end, pushing that sound up into the space. They are constructed from wood (MDF) and covered with a glossy piano black finish, with a leather effect to the front. They come with mesh grilles which cover the entire front of the speaker, which you can leave on or off, off always looks better though! It’s a very elegant design, with sleek lines and subtle curves, which I like a lot. That glossy finish concerns me as it does pick up finger print marks ever so easily.

These are active speakers, with a built in amplifier, which is located within the right speaker. As the right speaker is the ‘master’ speaker, it also includes the inputs, outputs and controls. These include 2No. RCA line in, optical in, left speaker out and volume/bass/treble control. You do get a remote control with the speakers, which allows you to select the input, change the volume and set default sound profiles. The remote is IR and the sensor for this is located on the front of the right speaker. I should add these speakers are bluetooth enabled, so you can pair them to your smart device. They offer a good selection of inputs, you can easily link these upto a record player, CD player and even a TV or media player, plus that bluetooth for added functionality.

Each speaker packs a total of 60watts RMS, has an SNR of >85dB, frequency response of 55Hz-20KHz and a channel separation of >45dB. They each have a 25mm silk dome tweeter, accompanied by a 5″ full range woofer.

The performance from these speakers is superb! I played a number of tracks, via bluetooth on my phone and each song sounded rich & punchy. There is a beautiful blend of frequencies, which can of course be adapted to suit your mood/environment. For me, I initially set the treble and bass to zero and then tweaked to suit. Loss of quality from bluetooth wasn’t noticeable, as I also plugged a CD player into them via the RCA. Edifier state these are a multimedia speaker, so I plugged them into my TV and started to watch a movie. It sounded surprisingly good! There is no decoding (DD/DTS) via the speakers but still, pin point sounds were noticeable, voice volume was well balanced and the bass was evident, even at zero setting.


Overall, I’ve grown very fond of the Edifier R2000DB, not only do they look great, they feel robust & premium. They are very versatile in what they can be used for and the sound quality is excellent. My only negative points is the remote control, it’s level of design/build quality doesn’t match the speakers, and that glossy piano black finish, you’ll be forever dusting & wiping away your finger print marks.

Edifier currently have these on the market for £229.99, which is slightly more than the R2730DB but these look better and will fit better within your home decor, sound wise, they are very much like for like. For more info, visit the official Edifier website.


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