We are big fans of Edifier here, after recently trying out some of their newer speaker systems & headphones and what we didnt realise, is they do also offer a few gaming headsets. It makes sense, they can make pretty good headphones, with a built in microphone, so why not just expand on that. They sent over one of their entry level headsets, we’re talking very affordable, we’ve seen it online for less than £20 new! It’s a very very low price point for Edifier, will the headset be any good?! Let’s find out.

Tech Spec

  • Frequency Response: 20Hz~20kHz
  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • Max Power: 50mW
  • Sound Pressure Level: 102dB
  • Cable Length: 2.0m with inline control
  • Connector: 3.5mm

The headset comes in a clear plastic box, it’s very basic but does the job. The headset is constructed from a black plastic, in its entirety and the ear cups are covered with a spongy faux leather. There is a microphone on the left ear cup, which rotates 120degrees and an inline remote on the cable for mic on/off and volume control. There is an adjustable headband, which is not padded (bare plastic) and a 2m long cable, which should be more than enough IF your inputs are on the front of your PC.


The headset is marketed for PC users only, with the standard green & pink 3.5mm jack connections. You can however get an adapter very cheaply, which will enable the headset to be used with a PS4. The headset looks OK, it has some nice detailing but it is made from plastic, so feels cheap to the touch. The headset feels good to wear, its very lightweight, not too tight and the ear cups are comfortable. There is no installation as such, just plug & play.

Performance is OK, it’s not great but I’m spoilt by far more expensive headsets when I game. I played some Destiny 2, some Heroes of the Storm and then finished off with some YouTube videos & music. The sound is good, its clear and loud. It lacks in the bass area a little and does not have pin point accuracy, by that I mean, you may not be able to easily identify where/which direction an enemy is attacking from. Listening to music and watching movie trailers was OK, it didn’t immerse me into it but this isn’t a surround sound headset. The microphone worked well, people on the other end of my Discord conversation heard me clearly.

Considering its performance and price point of about £20, its a good entry level gaming headset. However, the more you game, the quicker you will out grow this headset. For more info, visit the official Edifier website.

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