EasySMX 2.4G Wireless Gaming Headset


EasySMX produce very affordable gaming peripherals such as headsets, mice and keyboards but at this low price point, can they deliver on quality? They sent us over one of their universal gaming headsets so we could check it out. The EasySMX 2.4G Optical Wireless Headset works with PCs, PlayStation and Xbox although an adapter is required. They have a detachable microphone and offers up to 12 hours of charge.

Within the box you get the headset, a bendy detachable microphone, an adapter, instructions and every type of cable possibly needed. The headset is made of plastic, it is finished with a matte black coating, hints of shiny chrome and vibrant blue padding on the headband. On the right hand can, you will find all the controls and inputs. The head band is adjustable and there is a little flex when adjusting the headset. Thick, black, foamy padding surround each can and add to this already comfortable headset.

As this is a wireless headset, you will need to charge it for a few hours before being able to use it. When reading up on this, the EasySMX state you cannot charge and use the headset at the same time. Not cool. Once the headset is charged, you can then start the process of linking it to your system. I highly recommend reading the instructions, they are very straight forward and do actually help you. For me, I plugged this into my PS4, which meant I needed to use the adapter provided. This adapter has an optical port and is powered via a microUSB port. I powered it via my PS4. In brief, plug an optical cable in from adapter and PS4, change a couple of audio/device settings within the PS4 options and away you go. Using the instructions helped a lot and it was actually very easy to set up.

Using the headset was easy, it’s all push buttons and scroll wheels. Something I really like about this headset is its ability to mix chat and in-game audio at the same time, from the headset. It was very easy to use the scroll wheels to increase chat audio or vice versa if needed. You can also mute the microphone if desired.

I’ve been playing a lot of Destiny 2, so this was the game I tested this headset on. The Leviathan raid to be exact and it got mixed reviews. For me, the sound quality was good, sounds were clear. I was picking up even the smallest of sounds like enemy foot steps which offered a semi-immersive feel to the game. As for the other end, my party friends said the microphone itself was clear but quiet, even with the settings at the max. I usually play with the official Sony PS4 Bluetooth headset and if I compare it to that, the sound quality is almost as good, but the microphone slipping quite a bit behind.

It’s a hard one to call. Its a comfortable headset, though it looks a little cheap. It has good functionality, is versatile across different consoles and the sound quality is good but the microphone lacks a little. If you are looking for a first headset, I don’t think you would be too disappointed with this but after a while, you may want to upgrade. It currently retails for around £40 and can be purchased direct via Amazon.

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