CLiKD – Dating App That Includes Interactive Quizzes

So CLiKD is a new dating app on the scene. And with a quickly growing userbase, I’m not sure it’s going anywhere anytime soon. So I thought, being the single lad that I am, why not make an account and see what this new age of dating is all about.

CLiKD at first seems pretty similar to all of the other dating apps on the market. You get matches based on interests that you fill out when making an account and start swiping. But instead of the usual swipe left, swipe right nonsense  that other dating apps have used, CLiKD has opted to use a quizzing system.

Now I know what you guys may be thinking… quizzes right? Answering questions just to speak to someone? LONG! But it’s actually quite intuitive. The tests are comprised of three questions, and these are preset by the app developers. Examples include things like; “City break or beach holiday?”or “Do you prefer cats or dogs?” There are even special interest questions too based on the interests you selected initially like music, sports, lifestyle and fashion.

But I still think there needs to be a little work done to the app. For example, there’s the question “Would you rather live in Rapture or Columbus?” Now the answer to this is simple, Rapture of course, who wouldn’t want to live in a giant metropolis under the sea? But for those of you who aren’t avid gamers, probably won’t know what these two things are. We’ve been told by Michael Blakeley, the Founder of CLiKD that the question categories will match the personal interest categories even closer than they already are at the moment.

Now here’s the kicker. You have to pass someone’s quiz to get through to their profile. You then have to send that person a notification to take your quiz. IF they take it and pass, you’re able to talk to them. If they fail… well, I don’t know what happens except you don’t get to talk to that person, or you suffer some kind of dignity loss and try again.

CLiKD I’m not sure would interest people enough to trade in their Tinder accounts, but it sure is a better way of knowing what someone is about rather than basing your decision on how good they look using the Snapchat dog filter. The app is available now and can be downloaded through the iOS App Store or Android’s Google Play.

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