YouTube Enables Millennials To Save Money Fixing Home

There’s no denying that the world is quickly turning to online based services to get through their day. Whether it’s a quick taxi ride offered by Uber, or a McDonald’s Big Mac and fries delivered to your door by Deliveroo, these services are quickly becoming part of a household norm.

In an online study completed by YouGov on behalf of maintenance experts Bold & Reeves, they found that around 15% of millennials aged between 18-34 turn to Internet video source YouTube to sort out any problems they find around the home.

These millennials are using video tutorials to try and fix issues themselves, rather than calling someone who has been trained in this field, like a carpenter, plumber or even an electrician. It’s even been found that these millennials are able to fix a problem two days faster than homeowners aged between 25 and 54. We’re not that ‘lazy’ after all!

The reason this trend has grown so quickly is because of cost. Hiring an external engineer to come and fix something, whether small or big can be quite expensive, and it’s money that millennials simply do not have to spend, as we have things like video games and Just Eat takeaways to buy.

This isn’t neccessarily a bad thing though as YouGov, along with property maintenance experts also told Bold & Reeves that British homeowners also believe that there is more value in home improvement rather than in moving home.

Bill Shipton of Bold & Reeves said: “Some households are not investing enough in the upkeep of their home, posing a potential risk to their personal investment and even the wider housing stock. People continue to service their cars regularly, whilst neglecting the larger investment of their homes.”