Five Bike Products Any Cyclist Needs

With the weather starting to warm up, it’s about time you dusted off your old bicycle, join a cycle to work campaign and get yourself beach body ready in time for the summer. Just joking on the last part, you’re beautiful no matter your size. But still, doing a few miles on a bike every week won’t hurt. And we’ve got some tech that can join you on your new Spring venture. Here are five items that anyone wanting to cycle needs.


Coros Linx Smart Helmet

Head protection is so important for those who like to cycle on the road to work. There’s no telling if those “awful” drivers are all of a sudden going to swerve into you, so you must be ready. The Coros Linx Smart helmet has built in Bluetooth to connect to an app on your Android or iOS device. It gives you the ability to listen to music as well as take phone calls while cycling. The helmet uses bone conducting technology so your ear canals are never blocked from hearing traffic around you. Pick yours up now from Amazon.


Siva Atom Bike Mounted Generator

Waiting on a crucial text and your phone dies? Don’t worry, just hop on your bike, do some pedaling and your phone will be back to life in no time. Well, maybe not that quickly, but you get my point. The Siva Atom bike generator is able to generate power through your bike wheel, generating more power the harder you pedal. You can charge USB devices using the Atom, which is a great eco-friendly way of keeping your gadgets charged on the go.  It’s built into your bike frame and is even waterproof, so don’t worry about skimming through those curb puddles. You can pick one of these up from The Foundry for around £19.99


Sunnycam Extreme Eyewear

Sun’s out, it’s bright, you’re cycling towards it, and you find yourself blinded. What do you do? Well, these Sunnycam Extreme sunglasses are your answer. They come in a slime frame, proteting your eyes from the ultra-violet, but there is a twist. These have a true 1080p camera built into them, giving people an accurate perspective of what you are seeing. The camera has been placed between the eyes for this reason. You can store up to three hours worth of footage on the glasses themselves. They only come in at £149.99 at the moment from Sunnycam themselves.


Smart Halo

This modern looking smart device hooks up to your mobile phone, essentially turning your bike into a “smart bike.” It has the ability to offer you music playback, make a receive phone calls, and even gives you GPS feedback so you won’t let lost on your journey. Each alert on your phone can be programmed to display a different colour, so you know whether you need to pull over or not. This is a must have device if you’re wanting to upgrade your bike into the digital age. Yu can pick one up from The Foundry.


Flectr Bike Reflectors

Last but not least is a safety product. The special reflectors are extremely light weight, and are even made from the same material that is used on emergency service vehicles. They’re built really well, so you will not need to worry about them popping off your wheel spokes. And better yet, they’re not that expensive for a set. You can pick your own up from The Foundry for around £17.99.