If you’re reading this and live in the UK, chances are you know of or have heard of Yale. They produce and install alarm systems, door locks, padlocks, hinges and they also now have a smart range, including smart locks and security cameras. They currently have four cameras in their range, all of which have there own purpose but today, we’re looking at the Indoor WiFi Camera 1080.

As you can guess from the title, this is an indoor-only, 1080p, WiFi-enabled security camera, which you can use around your home or office. It boasts a number of features, including live viewing, playback, motion detection, night vision and 2-way audio, to name a few. At the time of writing this, it’s currently for sale on the official Yale website for £44.99.


Very little was included in the box, just the camera, a power adapter and some instructions. This is a mains powered camera, so it needs to be plugged into a socket at all times to work. There is no rechargeable battery option.

The camera itself is made from plastic, white in colour with a gloss black face, which is where the sensor, microphone and infrared are located. The camera body is fixed to a flat base via a swivel ball joint, which allows you to tilt and rotate the camera in nearly any direction, with hardly any limitations. The base is flat, so it can sit on a table, bookcase etc but the base can also be screwed into the ceiling, if that’s how you’d like to mount it. The ball joint is tough enough to allow you to select a position and that position remaining unless heavily knocked. To the rear of the camera are a small speaker, a reset button, micro SD card slot and micro USB power port.

Set up was very straight forward, download the free app onto your smart device, create an account and then follow the instructions on screen to link the camera to your home network.



It’s unclear what the actual sensor is within the camera, I do not expect it to be anything too fancy but it does have a 1080p resolution and it looks pretty sharp. Again, unsure on frame rate but it’s defiantly higher than some of the other cameras I’ve tried and it’s a smooth image. The image is clear and it’s very wide, offering a decent field of view but it does have that fisheye effect in the corners.

The image colours are dull, there is very little vibrancy, even when good quality light is provided. It comes with night vision, which works very well and offers coverage of upto 8 meters. Within the app, you can pinch and zoom into the image. Zooming in isn’t very fluid, it appears to zoom in increments of say 10% and the detail drops off significantly when zooming in. That being said, the image is very watchable and detailed enough to identify items of interest.

The app itself is very easy to use and allows you to access multiple cameras and monitor up to four feeds on screen at any one time. Within the app you can adjust the image quality from SD to HD, activate the two-way audio via your smart device’s microphone and adjust various settings. Motion detection and alerts are available, and you can select the motion zone to help reduce unwanted detections. The motion detection works well, my dog would set it off regularly and it got to the point where I had to turn the alerts off! You can also rotate the image if the camera is being ceiling mounted.

Here is a video of my dog, desperate for our return to release him from his cage

As for recording footage, it’s on your smart device as and when you press the record button or stored on a microSD card that’s been inserted into the camera. There is no cloud saving option, no monthly fee’s etc. Both options work seamlessly and playback can be via the app. A live view is also an option and as long as your internet connection at home is active, you can access the camera anywhere.


Overall, an impressive little camera, offering a quality image, enough functions for most and it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb in your home. This is the cheapest is the range of cameras and for a little more money, you will more functionality.

For more information, head over to the official Yale website.