Forget Drones. It’s All About Sea Exploration Now

powerdolphin 1

I’ve always been pretty intrigued with the sea, but have never really had the need to go in. But, thanks to the PowerDolphin from drone manufacturer PowerVision, I can… all from the safety and comfort of the beach.

The PowerDolphin is a device that can zip across the water surface at around 4.5 meters-per-second, and is around the size of a small seal. It has an articulating camera which can film above or below the water surface which shoots in full 4K resolution at 30 frames-per-second, although you can drop that to 720p to get 120fps.

What’s awesome is that its lens is angled at 220-degrees for maximum viewing. It has a max sailing time of around 2.5 hours in U mode, and can still work up to 800m away from the controller which is pretty amazing. It also has a 220 lumens headlight incase the water gets a little too dark.

The whole device looks absolutely wicked, but you really have to be a boating or sea enthusiast to get the most out of it. Knowing my luck I’d take it to my local beach here in the UK, film some murky brown muddy water and that’ll be it. If you’re a sailer or have some affinity with the sea, then you’ll definitely be interested in this. Prices start from around £695 and are available in the UK from Harrods or visit the PowerVision website.

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