Xreart (sounded x-re-art) sent over one of their tear downs for us to take a look at and I have to say, I’m very excited. You’ve probably seen something similar in the past on social media as these tear-downs have become very popular of late.

We got the original, the first ever Nintendo Gameboy, in grey, in tear-down form. As you can see, this means the Gameboy has been disassembled, restored, and then displayed within a frame as a piece of art for your wall. Each component is placed onto a backing, which includes illustrations and wording, detailing what each component is and displaying it like a piece of history.


With the Gameboy, you’ve got the casing, split in half, then the circuit boards, speaker, and buttons. It’s quite detailed, each component looks used but cleaned up and if you’re into your tech, how fun. We got the original 1989 Gameboy, but they also do the Gameboy Pocket, Colour, and Advance SP. PLUS, the PSP 100 and 2000 for the slightly younger generation.

Xreart does many different tear-downs, not just the Gameboy. They’ve got a number of iPhones available from the 1st gen, all the way up to the iPhone X. Due to the shape, size, and number of components, these iPhone offerings can be 1×1 square pieces or landscape in some instances. Other phones available include Samsung and Nokia.


Also available is a tear-down of the Apple Watch and iPod Touch, as well as DIY kits. So if you’ve got an old piece of tech you want to turn into a piece of art, purchase a DIY kit (frame and backing), dismantle the tech yourself, and create something fun.

Prices vary depending on what you want, DIY kits are fairly cheap but for any full tear-downs, they generally cost between £120 and £225gbp. Quality-wise, it’s pretty good. It’ll come well protected and displayed in a nice box, with a wooden frame and hanging points to the rear. However, it’s not glass, it’s a plastic cover in the frame which is a little disappointing, I was expecting glass at this price point. That being said, when it’s on the wall, you don’t notice it.

For more info and to purchase, head over to the official Xreart website.