Xenta Pedestal Gaming Chair Review

Every gamer needs somewhere comfortable to park their backside during a several hour digital binge. It can become quite uncomfortable sitting on a boring office chair, or even the floor. Xenta have come up with a way of making you as comfortable as possible whether you’re blasting your way through Call of Duty, or planning your next strategic attack in Starcraft II.

The Xenta Pedestal Gaming Chair looks like it belongs to a villain in a Bond movie. It is designed to look great in any room it sits. The leather-like finish gives it smooth edge over other gaming chairs on the market. It features an adjustable height system as well as a 360-degree swivel. The chair was extremely easy to put together with all screws and fittings supplied.

It is incredibly comfortable, even for extended gaming sessions. The reclining back helps when leaning back against it and provides an extra comfort not found in other chairs. One thing I would have liked is higher arm rests. When sitting upright at my desk I found that my elbows were well above where the arm rests are. They’re excellent if you’re leaning back and slouching but for an upright posture, your arms can start to ache.

The Xenta Pedestal Gaming Chair comes with a 2.1 sound system built-in. The two left and right speakers are at the top of the chair by your head, and the subwoofer hits the centre of your back. They sound absolutely great and definitely improve your immersion into the game. The speakers are crisp while the subwoofer though not terribly loud, pounds your back every time an explosion goes off. That sounds like hell, but it’s really not. The subwoofer is not distracting against your back nor does it hurt.

The speakers are controlled with a handy set of buttons on the side of the chair. There are two buttons to raise and lower the volume, two buttons to raise and lower the bass levels and a power button. On the control panel you can also find a headphone port, a power port and auxiliary port to plug your media device into it. The Xenta Pedestal Gaming Chair is compatible with all of your media devices including games consoles, gaming PCs and things like laptops and MP3 players and iPods.

The Xenta Pedestal Gaming Chair will be an excellent addition to your current gaming setup. It looks smart, performs well, and offers even more immersion into your favorite games.