Worms WMD (PC) Review

When I think of Worms I think back to around 20 years ago, when my family used to sit around a Windows 98 PC and play together. Ahh nostalgia. That’s what Worms to me is, simple humorous family fun, and Team17 have captured that brilliantly in their latest installment, Worms WMD.

Worms WMD is a simplistic strategy game that really doesn’t require much skill. It’s extremely simple to pick up play with friends online or against AI players. In a nutshell, Worms WMD puts teams of four to six worms against eachother. It’s turn based, meaning single actions are completed one after the other. On your turn, a 60 second timer will start ticking down.

During this 60 seconds you get the chance to fire off weapons, and by weapons I mean hilarious unrealistic weapons at the enemy worms. Most of the time though you will find you’ve misplaced your reticule or misfired your bazooka ending in destruction to yourself. But that’s the hilarity of it.


But Worms isn’t meant to be taken seriously, and with weapons such as the Dubstep gun or the Old Lady that farts on enemy worms, it never has been. So why has Worms WMD got me so giddy with excitement when I play? Well it goes back to the roots of what Worms was originally about. Forget those spin-off games like Worms Golf, this here is frantic, destructive 2D gameplay with random level generation and a host of crazy customisations.

There are a few changes which I personally found quite welcome though. First are the use of vehicles that have taken inspiration from other PC games such as the jumping sports car from Rocket League and the mech warrior from well, Mech Warrior.

Weapons rather than appearing instantly in your arsenal from weapon drops actually have to be crafted now. Inside the brown crates are the materials needed to craft your weapons of choice. It’s a great way to kill time when you;re waiting for your opponents to make a move.

Worms WMD may not be flashy, may not have the latest 3D graphics or have quality recorded voice overs, but boy, is it a riot. Worms WMD is available from the Steam store. Get your copy today and join the fray.

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