The CouchCoaster Cup Holder Review

Convenience. We all love it. Whether it’s a way of making monotonous tasks like ironing more bearable or how often your bus comes, there’s nothing like one of life’s shortcuts. This is exactly what the CouchCoaster is. Convenient. And you’ll instantly see why.

The CouchCoaster is a large rubber cup holder for your sofa. That’s it. Nifty right? The heavy rubber side flaps keeps it from sliding by countering the opposite side’s weight from the other. Trust me. This thing isn’t moving.


The entire product is made from rubber, with a plastic inner section where the cup is meant to stand. This gives the CouchCoaster enough grip to stay in place when in use. As advertised the CouchCoaster can be used with most cups, mugs and glasses, as long as the base is thin enough to fit inside the plastic holder. There is no way of making this section larger.

The most incompatible mug was what I can only describe as a standard straight set up. There were no fancy bends or curls in the ceramic. The small cut out on one of the sides was a nice touch for bigger handled mugs though. The other issue we found was that it wasn’t compatible really with my couch. I have very thin arms on each side, and the CouchCoaster needs to ideally hug your sofa for the weighted sides to take effect. However this wasn’t the case with my sofa and it became more of a balancing act rather than a convenience.


But for £19.99, this handy little invention will definitely give you some kind of usage with a reasonably thick armed sofa. Think of being able to keep your beer can next to you while watching the football. No more need to stretch over to your coffee table. It’s definitely a product that should feature in your man cave. They’re available in a number of colours including red and white. The CouchCoaster is available from their website and a number of resellers online. So get yours now.

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