Philips 275C5QHGSW/00 Monitor Review

Philips loves their ambient lighting with monitors and the Philips 275C5QHGSW/00 is brilliant. I seem to remember they were possibly one of the first to come up with ambi-light on their televisions, where a soft glow is cast on the wall behind the set to sort of reflect the sort of hues on the screen.


And so it is with their Moda range of monitors. We had the 275C5QHGSW/00 for a while and what a great monitor it is too.

The 27 inch is 1920×1080 and of course flicker-free. Games look good – played Mafia III for hours on end and suffered no ill effects, well, not from the screen at least.


And that ambi-light base on this Philips 275C5QHGSW/00 looked good in the dimness of the office. If does change colour nicely and after a while almost invisibly.

Not to bright, but if it is, you can turn it down, and mess with timings and colours.

What is called Mobile High-Definition Link is handy to plug a mobile device directly in to watch whatever you are watching. The cable itself is an option for the Philips 275C5QHGSW/00.


The controls on the front are nice. No buttons, just touch panels which work really well. I soon got used to a quick swish of the finger over the power switch and it responds instantly. Like that.

There is little not to like on this monitor. The white casing may not be to everyone’s taste, but it is nice that they do have that option as opposed to the more normal black and silver combo.

The 16:9 bezel is pretty much non-existent, so you get all-screen viewing, and that is most attractive.

Misco, at the time of writing, was selling these AH-IPS panels for just under £228, including VAT which is not too bad.


I wouldn’t mind keeping this on my desk, and it is not often we can say that about a monitor. I might have to change the rest of the colour scheme so the white fits a little better, but I do like this Philips 275C5QHGSW/00.

I can’t fault the performance either. Almost instant switch on, and nice colours to the naked eye. And as I have always said, if they can’t tell the difference in settings, what is the point of the setting.

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