Ever accidentally deleted photos from your phone? I have, once, and it made me feel physically sick. Losing all those memories in a single button press is heart destroying. According to Kodak Alaris, a new photo sharing app, 35% of people in Britain have lost photos that have been stored on their smart phones. Did you know that? That’s a pretty big number apparently. They also found that the average person in the UK stores around 650 photos on their smart phones. In turn this means that a potential 11.8 billion squared photos have been lost. Still, us silly Brits still don’t take the necessary action to protect our photos.

This is where Kodal Alaris comes in. Kodak have made a new app called Kodak Moments. This enables users to back up and store their precious photos. They can even use the app to edit their photos and send them straight to print, making photos, greeting cards, collages and even photo books. There are several different sizes available in print starting from a 6 x 4 standard sized photo. The app is incredibly simple to use, giving users peace of mind when their photos are concerned. Photos can even be overlayed with text as well as other images.

kodak alaris 2

Lee Palmer, Vice President of Kodak Alaris Imaging division, EAMER, said: “11.8 billion photos is a significant number and over a quarter of people were ‘devastated’ to lose their pictures.Considering we live in a digital world and are likely to have experienced some form of digital loss, be it a document, email or something as valued as photos, it’s surprising that so many people aren’t doing more to prevent themselves from having to deal with the frustration this causes. With the new KODAK MOMENTS App, there’s a solution.”

Gadget Girl presenter Nikki Moore, commented: “As someone that takes a lot of pictures, particularly of my children, I can totally relate to feeling devastated losing photos. Kodak Alaris’ study highlights the need for people to take measures against losing their content, as you don’t realise quite how much it’ll impact you until it happens, and by then it’s too late. I’m a real advocate of printing my photos as then they are not only safe, but available for everyone to enjoy. The KODAK MOMENTS App makes this really easy to do.”

The app is available across the board on Android and iOS operating systems. Get backing up Great Britain, don’t make the same sickly mistake I did.