Tired of your boring old day job? Is some kind of hobby missing from your life? Look no further as new London-based Quodo is here to help. We all like to be creative. I’ve been on a few photography courses to improve my skills. As Jack Sheldon, co-creator of Quodo said “death by PowerPoint is no way to live.”

Currently based in London with definite room to expand to other cities, Quodo is an online marketplace for artists and artisans to pass on their specific craft to you. All you need is to visit their simply designed website to start. The nice thing about Quodo is you don’t have to be brand new to a particular craft. You could already have some knowledge or experience and jump into one of the more advanced classes they offer.

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Being a flexible marketplace means that prices will fluctuate too. For example, someone is offering a cooking course for beginners for £100. Another chef advertises the same sort of course for £50. This is where it gets interesting because prices will have to rise and fall depending on what other people are offering, very much in the retail world.

Teachers and the artists running the classes are all personally screened face-to-face by the Quodo team so they can ensure their customers receive the best service possible. There is nothing hidden when it comes to taking a class. Booking is easy. Find a class you’re interested in, pick a date to go, and with one simple PayPal payment you’re away.

Classes generally take place inside people’s homes and workshops giving them a more personal feel. It’s not like turning up to a classroom and sitting there while you watch the teacher bark at you. You get real hands on experience with any classes you take. Some require your own equipment such as their photography courses, but that kind of information is stated on the website’s information pages.

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Jack Sheldon said “We started Quodo with the belief that everyone deserves an  easy way to pursue their creative passions. Staring at a computer screen all day is no way to live! That’s why we’re so excited to have brought together some of London’s best artisans and artists who want to share their passion for their craft. We want every Londoner to have the opportunity to discover their craft through a Quodo class.”

You can check out the numerous classes that Quodo offer on their website from flower arranging, to cooking, to millinery. The choice of unique classes can be endless.