Why do so many of us have Tinder? Tinder, the most popular app ‘to meet new people’ is getting a new ‘super-like’ feature.

Swipers, rather than using their fingers to say yes or no to random pictures can now swipe up, letting the receiver know they have just been super-liked.

Although extremely limited, super-likes are there to really show interest in a woman or a man, or just to show the receiver how desperate you actually are for a one nighter because come on lads, how many of you really take the time to learn someone’s profile before quickly swiping right and moving onto the next?

tinder 1

There will also be a blue star icon that will act as the super-like button.

Notice a blue footer on the bottom of someone’s profile? That means they have super-liked you. Personally that takes out the anonymity out of Tinder which is something that draws people to the app.

The super-like function has been developed in conjunction with super models Erin Heatherton and Nina Agdal.

Looks like we’ll have to adjust our Tinder walks to include some up swipes.