For all you gardeners out there, feel free to go on extended breaks, Hozelock has you covered. The new automated watering system will keep your garden watered and alive.

Hozelock is a company started by British leading watering experts and is set to launch their new easy-to-use product range in January 2016. The new product line is designed to help people save time. Hozelock are also bringing wireless watering to your plants.

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Seasons Pico Reel SRP £33.99

The new Hozeguard app is set to revolutionise the way you water your garden. Now you can control your hose whether you are at home watching TV or halfway around the world on your yearly holiday trip.

The products are controlled by the new Cloud Controller and a simple to use app. The hose itself uses low powered radio waves to connect to your router inside your home. All you need is a an internet signal on your phone end to work whether it’s 4G, 3G, or a WiFi hotspot.

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SRP £33.99 hozelock 2 Hozelock Green Power Thermal Weeder SRP £74.99

Your app also detects weather changes in your home area and gives you watering patterns based on this information. If it’s going to rain, then the app will tell you there is no need to water the plants. If it’s sunny, it will suggest it’s watering time.

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Lance Spray Plus 90 SRP £20.69

‘In a world where 328 million Apps are downloaded every day and the typical British household already has at least seven connected devices, gardens are finally becoming a natural part of the connected home,’ says Carol Wright, Hozelock’s UK Marketing Manager.  ‘When we first presented Hozelock’s new Cloud Controller to international markets in April, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive and we are sure that the UK’s reaction will be similarly enthusiastic.’

Check out the new range of Hozelock products on their website.