Wow, we did not expect this! By now you’ve probably already seen the pricing announcements for the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles, but I wanted to make this post because it’s shocked me that the Xbox Series S has been priced so low, and what I think it means. If you didn’t know, the Xbox Series S is priced at £250 or $299 for you in America.

As we know, the Xbox Series S is the lesser specced model of the two next-gen consoles, with the S hitting a maximum resolution of 1440p while the X hits 4K. The Series S is also fully digital, where as the Series X has a disk drive for those of you still into buying physical copies of games.

But, who is the new Xbox Series S aimed at? Because surely hardcore gamers are going to want the best experience possible right? Well, I’m thinking it’s for those wanting to dip their toes into next-gen, regardless of quality of graphics. It’s a chance for gamers to avoid spending £500 on a new console.

But similarly, it could also be aimed at the PC gamers among us, who maybe have an expensive gaming rig and Xbox Games Pass, but want something for the living room, and don’t want to build a second PC gaming rig.

It could also be for the parents. You know at Christmas time, kids all over the world will be asking for new consoles. And spending £500 on a new console is pretty hefty, especially during a time where so much money is being spent out already on food, presents, decorations and more. Maybe it’s to entice parents to buy an Xbox Series S as a gift. You know, a parent goes into a local electrical or game retailer, ask for the ‘new Xbox’ for their kids, see £250 instead of £500 and go for the S purely on price.

But, you know Microsoft have gone a bit ruthless with the pricing. But is it enough to win over the Sony crowd, to make them jump over to Team Green? Who knows. We’ve not heard anything from Sony about the pricing of their consoles yet, but time will tell.

If there’s one thing that’s obvious though, and that’s the fact Microsoft are hoping for a big rise in Game Pass subscriptions this Christmas.