Wavewall Phone Case Review


We recently got sent a WaveWall phone case because it really interested us. The WaveWall phone case is a case that helps prevent infertility from radiation emitted from your phone. Scientific studies show that mobile phone radiation may significantly affect sperm function, a prime cause of male infertility. Research shows that one in five healthy young males between 18-25 has low sperm count. You may already be aware of this, it has been brought up in the press many times over the years, since mobile phones became readily available.

Independent testing shows that mobile phones produce harmful radiation. Your phone will be continually ‘connected’, as minimum of your phone will be checking in with radio/signal masts, as well as other devices.

Therefore WaveWall have designed and manufactured an anti-radiation phone case!

The case comes in black leather, with a contrasting colour of either red, blue or green. There is a pull tag to make it easy to remove from the case. The case is generic in shape, so will suit a variety of phones and when purchasing, you must input your phone to ensure the correct size case is compatible. You may be thinking, if it blocks the radiation, will I ever receive a phone call or a text?! The answer is yes, the case only has one protective side, the side that goes into your pocket, the side without the tag. If you forget to insert the phone into your pocket the wrong way, you will be unprotected.

We got sent the green option case and it looks really smart. The quality of the case is very high, It has bright green stitching around the edge, a green interior and a green pull tag. My iPhone 5 fits in perfectly, very snug and protected, yet simple to remove, with the help of the pull tag. I used it for the day and can confirm that the case does not stop you from receiving calls and texts. There is no way of me easily testing if my fertility is still intact or not but the science behind it does fill me with confidence that it will protect me. The case has been independently tested and does give an 85% reduction in radiation.

It’s a very practical, functional and good looking case but my concern is, when you remove your mobile phone from the case to use it and you’re sitting on a chair, with phone in your lap, you are once again prone to the radiation emitted from the phone. We do believe the problem to be real but feel this only solves half the problem.

That being said, if you are truly concerned about your fertility or radiation in general, you will remember which way to insert the case into your pocket and you will hold your phone away from your lap when in use.

The case is available direct from WaveWall for £24.99 now.


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