iON Wi-Fi Video Camera Review

We all like to keep our homes secure. Me personally could think of nothing worse than someone I don’t know walking around my house. This is where the new iON Wi-Fi Video Camera comes in.

Using a wi-fi signal, the iON camera connects to your mobile phone so you can keep an eye on your possessions while away from the house. You could even use it as a modern trendy baby monitor if you wanted.

The iON Wi-Fi Video Camera was incredibly easy to set up using QR codes which are provided for you. Simply shine your phone screen in front of the camera and wait for a chime. From there, your phone connects to the camera. Once this is done you are able to preview the camera feed directly from the iONTheHome app. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

The camera actually films in 720p resolution which I thought was more than enough to keep an eye on your home. It came through a little laggy on my Samsung Note 3 but that could have been delay in the broadband, or even the specification of my phone. Still, the picture was clear enough to make everything out. The wide-angled lens helps with covering even the largest of rooms fully.

Two-way audio is what makes this camera so good. If someone is intruding your home you could speak to them through the connection. Or if you are using it as a baby monitor you could calm your children back to sleep. Quality is clear both ways although the webcam came through a little quiet.

There is an app that can store all of your footage which is available free once the iON Wi-Fi Video Camera is set up. There are also payment plans to take advantage of if you need more storage.

Keeping this wi-fi video camera in my home would give me a good feeling of security knowing I could see my home whenever I had a wi-fi signal on my phone. It works well and is extremely easy to set up. You can find more information on the iONThe Home website.


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