Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 Review

Vodafone since their original smart handset have been about budget, getting the most for the cheapest price. The Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 comes in at around £125. If the same spec were inside a comparable Samsung handset you would easily be looking at £300 just for the handset. The only thing with the Ultra is it’s very plain. Great for you people who want to avoid branding.

The Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 has one of the biggest screen sizes on the market. Down the right side you will find the volume up and down button and a power button. Very standard positioning for Android devices. The company behind the Vodafone handset is ZTE and have decided that simple is better, which I agree, it works well. The menu buttons on the front of the phone glow blue which stand out from the white light from other phones on the market. I like the design. Yes it looks cheap, but still is stylish enough to want to carry it around with you.

The build quality is fantastic. Over the weeks I used the phone for saw no terrible design flaws such as loose buttons or dodgy case. ZTE have got this right. The chassis comes in at 8.35mm thick which is thin enough to compete with the more expensive phones on the market. The glass is tough and smooth. It’s not Gorilla Glass 3 but maybe something similar.

The total screen size comes in at 5.5″. It gives you a full HD 1080p display to enjoy. It uses an IPS technology which is how Vodafone has managed to get this phone down to the lower price bracket. No, it isn’t as good as a Samsung Super AMOLED screen but from what we’ve seen of the Smart 6 Ultra, it isn’t needed as this screen is really good enough for all things HD.

The phone comes with 16GB worth of storage which I believe for the audience this phone will attract, will be enough for their music and videos. Again, for the price, this is really generous.

The apps that come pre-installed on the phone are pretty standard Google related apps like Chrome and YouTube. Vodafone has also included an array of different Vodafone branded bloatware that are pinned to the top of the apps menu. This feature is rather annoying. It drove me to use widgets and pin the apps to my home screens rather than venture into the app menu.

The processor is a Cortex A53 octacore clocked at 1.5GHz on four cores. The other four cores come in at 1.0GHz. It also houses 2GB of RAM. It performs incredibly well. I found it hard to find any kind of slowdown, and lag input is virtually non-existent. I was impressed with how fast and sharp video looked, even at the lower frame rates that the SnapDragon 615 offer. Good news for this phone.

The Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 gives you a 13-megapixel snapper, and although very good, some pictures do come out rather washed out. Colours aren’t as strong as some of the more expensive camera phones on the market, but that’s okay. You’ll need to mess around with some menu settings to get the best out of your photographs. However, being a 13-megapixel camera, it gives you a lot of detail within a frame. It’s not the best camera on the market, but for the price of the phone, is extremely great. There is also a 5-megapixel selfie cam as well.

Vodafone has put a 3000mAh battery inside which they’re saying you’re able to get two days use out of it before you need another charge. This simply isn’t true, unless you’re not touching the phone. If you’re a heavy user like me with your social networking, camera and also games this you’re looking at a day, max. This isn’t uncommon with the bigger smart phones and even pricier options.

I’m not sure if you noticed that we mentioned price, a lot. This phone is definitely one of the cheaper smart phones on the market but the specification you get with it, there is some really finicky reasons on why not to have one of these over a Samsung S6 or an iPhone 6. The phone is a delight, and a refreshing face to the mobile phone market. Vodafone have definitely got this right, giving you a decent spec for as little as possible. The phone is available from Vodafone website and in store now.