Xenta Wireless Laser Mouse Review

Small, light and very portable, the Xenta Wireless Laser Mouse will be handy for any person who needs to work on the move.

Using a nano USB dongle to receive a wireless signal, the Xenta Mouse is completely plug and play and requires no set up what-so-ever.

Essentially this is a 5-button mouse with the two side left and right buttons doubling up as the adjustable DPI selectors. Just hold down the side buttons and the mouse will cycle through from 800dpi right up to 2000dpi. Great for also playing games on your laptop.

The rubber sides are adjustable so they can fit all hand sizes. It comes with a selection for you to test and then commit to. The sides come with a sticky adhesive back so they fit securely to the mouse.

The wireless signal works off of a 2.4ghz frequency which I didn’t seem to find any issues with. The mouse is used so close to the laptop that connection couldn’t have been broken in that space. Maybe if I was using the mouse from afar things would be different.

The Xenta Wireless Laser Mouse uses one AA battery to power it. I used a Duracell battery and have not needed to replace it yet and I use it every time I work away from home. Every day usually.

It has a unique design which to be honest with you seemed a bit long in length. I say this because using a palm grip meant that my finger wasn’t long enough to reach the side buttons without changing my hand position. They need to be slightly closer to the rear of the mouse for maximum comfort.

For what I needed this mouse for worked well and that was portability when I’m working away from the office. It’s light, works well on the right surfaces like a desk, glass or mousepad, and looks and feels very unique which I like.


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