We hadn’t heard of Venturer before, but when we got asked to check out there latest 10″ Windows 10 Tablet, we couldn’t resist! Venturer are a Chinese based company that produces: sound bars, wireless speakers, radios and also tablets. They recently released both 10″ and 11″ mini notebooks, which are both tablet and laptop combined. We got sent the 10″ version, known as the BravoWin 10KT, so let’s check it out!

Before we open the box, let’s check the spec of the notebook.

  • 10.1″ 1280 x 800 pixels Screen
  • Atom Core 4 Processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 32GB Flash (Optional: 64GB)
  • Micro SD Card Slot Support Up To 64GB
  • Dual Camera, Front 2MP, Rear 2MP (Front & Rear)
  • Up To 8 Hours Battery
  • Bluetooth 4 & WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Detachable Keyboard With Trackpad
  • Connections: Micro SD, Micro USB, Headphone, Mini HDMI, Power Port
  • Windows 10

The notebook comes well packaged in a sturdy box and is protected, so if you’re thinking about getting one delivered, be confident it will arrive in one piece. There isn’t much in the box, just the notebook, a charger and a small instruction manual. No other cables included. The notebook is relatively lightweight, when compared to similar products and is primarily constructed around a plastic casing. It looks ok, not quite as good-looking as an iPad but it’s not the ugliest thing I’ve seen. As it is constructed out of plastic, it doesn’t have a premium feel, like some others have. All of the ports are on the left hand side, with a volume button and the single speaker on the back. It comes in four finishes, silver, silver and black, black and silver and gold. The tablet comes attached to its keyboard and is incredibly easy to remove and clip back in. There is a powerful magnet that helps guide the tablet to its slot in the keyboard. The two-fold together and close for easy storage. The keyboard and hinge is very sturdy, the keys are a decent size and it sits nicely on your lap or table.

It was now time to boot up the tablet. Yup, I’m going to call it a tablet from now on as that’s how I mainly used it. The tablet runs Windows 10 and after holding in the power button for a couple of seconds, I was greeted by the initial set up page. This is standard procedure and very simple to complete It just runs through settings such as your chosen language and time-zone and finishes the install process. As the tablet comes with Windows 10, you also can get the benefits of programs such as Microsoft Office among others.

The tablet is fast and smooth to use, apps open instantly and scrolling on webpages or alike is flawless. I was able to have multiple apps running in the background and performance didn’t differ. Games look great visually and run without a hitch. The screen is crisp with vivid colours. I watched several high quality movie trailers via the YouTube app and they looked great. The onscreen keyboard works well and I was able to hold the tablet and type with both thumbs. Plenty of storage, with the ability of upgrading with an SD card if desired.

There are a couple of disappointing points I should mention. There is only one single speaker on the back of the tablet, which made watching videos unfulfilling and music sounding tinny. The keyboard started off well, but over time, the touchpad became unresponsive when scrolling and zooming in or out.

The 10″ version retails at just £149.99, with the 11″ sitting in at under £200. At this price and based on the performance you get, this is a great bit of kit for your buck. For further info and to purchase, visit the official Venturer website.

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