Lowepro ProTactic SH200 AW Camera Bag Review

Lowepro has been making camera bags of all shapes and sizes for a long time now, and they’re generally pretty good for the price you spend on them compared to fashionable others. We’re testing the Lowepro ProTactic SH200 AW, an all black protective messenger bag, built to withstand weather and transportation.

The bag as you can see is all black accented by small straps that travel around the circumference of the bag. This is to give the outer shell added protection for when you are travelling across distances. It’s a nice looking bag, and one that looks like it could be found inside a police precinct.

lowepro Pro Tactic SH 200 AW1

Inside is completely padded with soft spongy material so your camera and accessories do not get damaged. The compartments are separated using velcroed barriers which are easy to pull out and install in a way that suits you. It’s completely customisable.

You’d probably be able to fit a DSLR and a couple of extra lenses. If you’re like me who shoot a small compact system camera and prime lenses, then the world is your oyster. I could fit: my Sony camera with a lens attached, four lenses either side of the centre compartment, my camera charger tucked into the side, and an external flash gun. I’m prepared for whatever photography hurdles are thrown at me.

lowepro Pro Tactic SH 200 AW3

In the front you will find a compartment although this isn’t padded. I’ve stored my SD cards in the front as they don’t need much protection due to their size. It is also advertised that a 13″ MacBook could also fit, but with that lack of padding I’m not sure I’d trust it too much. Once the bag is fully closed though, the top/front flap that clips to the bottom of the bag does offer some kind of cover.

There is a zip on the top which enables you to get to your gear without having to open the whole bag up which is a nice touch. The hole is quite small however, so any bigger bodied cameras may be a challenge to get out this way.

lowepro Pro Tactic SH 200 AW4

Overall Lowepro has done a fine job in creating this camera bag. It’s light, extremely durable and weather proof too. It is very roomy inside depending on the camera you shoot and doesn’t cost the Earth to buy either compared to other bags out there. You can find more information directly from Lowepro’s website. You can find it online for around £125 which is pretty good considering the benefits.


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