Urbanista Seattle Headphone Review


Fresh on the market is the Seattle headphones from Urbanista, a higher end product from their ever growing range of audio equipment. If you’ve read any of our other Urbanista reviews you will know that we like and use there products a lot around the office and the reason? They are top quality! I’m hoping their latest addition follows suit, so let’s find out.

The headphones come with the usual features, such as:

  • Removable nylon 1.2m long audio cable
  • Built in microphone for voice calls (Android/IOS/Windows)
  • Standard 3.5mm aux input
  • Foldable design for easy transportation
  • ‘Share’ plug
  • Available in white/black/navy & pink
  • Speaker size: φ140mm
  • Sensitivity: 102+/-3dB at 1Khz 1mW
  • Impedance: 26+/-15% at 1Khz
  • Frequency: 20-20.000Hz

First impressions are great. I’m greeted by beautifully sleek and luxurious packaging that has as much quality as some of the more lavish headphones brands on the market. The packaging has a lid on the front and once lifted you can see the headphones in all their glory. The packaging is made from mostly cardboard, with the headphones supported by molded plastic inside the box. The quality of the packaging, the wording, the colours, it all forms part of an excitable opening. Within the box, there are the headphones and a detachable, nylon, audio cable with 3.5mm aux plugs at either end. No sign of a carry case or bag unfortunately.


Picking them up for the first time, they look and feel really solid. The headphones can come in a few finishes but we were sent the matte black version which give the Urbanista Seattles a real premium look to them, especially when paired with the packaging. These defiantly fit in with the current market trends. As you would expect, the headband is adjustable and allows for plenty of flexibility. There is also two aux ports, one on either earpad which means you can plug your audio cable into either but there is also another reason that is absolutely amazing and something that’s quite rare in the headphone industry at the moment. These headphones allow for your friend, family member or arch-enemy to plug their own set of headphones into the spare aux port and share the music moment with you.

seattle_5There was no loss of quality when plugging another pair of headphones in. Genius idea and I imagine will be a huge hit with many! Endless possibilities, such as sitting on a plane and watching a movie from one laptop but having two sets of headphones, and similar, as I experienced as a kid, sitting on your school bus sharing tunes from one set of in-ear headphones. I remember having to have one ear piece each when I was on the school bus, good times! Wearing them is very comfortable, thanks to the soft padding around each ear piece. I’ve had these on for a few long journeys and have never thought I needed to take these off for a bit because my head hurts.

seattle_4So are they any good and do they live up to expectations? Oh yes! I listened to some of my favourite tracks and a couple of movies and was very pleased with what was going on in my ears. The mix of highs, lows and mids was spot on, the bass was full and the vocals crisp. Every instrument was distinctive and every explosion brought the scene to life. Oh, I could keep these on my head for hours!

The Urbanista Seattle headphones retail for a mere £49.99 and for that price, you have got to and buy a pair! Easily the best pair of headphones for that price brackets and we’re happy to claim that they could even better some of the more expensive, £100+ price range headphones. For further info and to purchase, visit the Urbanista website.

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