Marvel Collector Corps : Spider-Man Box Review


Two months have passed, which means we just got the latest Marvel Collector Corps box through the post! This box theme revolves around one man and one man only…or boy, you could say….Spider-Man! I’m huge fan of the web slinger. I’ve read some of the earlier comics as a kid and enjoyed most of the movies.

As expected, the box decoration follows the same format and feel as the others, with sketches of Spider-Man on the front. The box looks great but I feel they’re missing a trick. I’ve recently had a few lootcrate boxes through and each month, the box can be transformed into something to use/play with. This month, the box turned into a hammer, which my four-year old nephew loved. MCC have such big boxes, I’m sure they could do something similar and reduce wasting the cardboard once the box has been opened.

Opening the box for the first time and you will be greeted by the patch and pin, both of which are Spider-Man related. I think the pin is one of the best yet. Move them aside and you will find the piece of card, detailing everything in the box and a comic book. A decent read, with fantastic illustrations. Now we move onto the bigger items in the box.


First thing to note, there is no t-shirt this time… NO TEE?! Yup, I’m a little disappointed too, a Spidey tee could have looked amazing but instead, they have opted to include a hat. This is a snap back hat, with a Spidey logo on the front and it looks pretty cool. I like the colours, they work really well. I do like hats and may well wear this one, however I would have most defiantly worn a t-shirt more.



Next we have a Funko Fabrikation, which is new to Collector Corps. This is the first they have included in a box. It very much resembles the Pop Vinyl styling, with the oversized head and is a plush soft toy. It’s quite big and feels like a decent ‘teddy’. I’m sure it will be a hit with most, perhaps my cat may even like it as a chew toy!spidey_3

Finally, the Funko Pop Vinyl! There were many rumours and hopes for something other than Spider-Man, a villain, a twin pack, a variation on Spidey but instead, we got a traditional Spider-Man, in an action pose. It looks like the pop is loosely based around the new Spider-Man film coming out, costume wise anyway. The pop is on a stand as it is an action pose of Spidey about to swing between the city towers, or take down some bad guys. Funko continue to improve the quality of their Pops and this is no exception. The quality is the best I’ve seen in a while. It looks great on my desk!

spider-man 1

Overall, an average box this time. Most of the box I was impressed with, but I would have much preferred to see a t-shirt instead of the hat and I’m just not sure what to do the Fabrikation! Still worth the money? Most definitely!

The theme of he next box is…. Dr Strange! An unusual one for me as I only know a little about the character but it’s already got people excited! Check back here once the new box is released and we’ll give you a run down on what’s inside.

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