A couple of weeks ago, it was all about the Urbanista Sydney speakers. Compact, lightweight, affordable and they sounded pretty good too. Now it’s the turn of its bigger sibling, Brisbane. They look similar, they offer the same features but they are bigger and will hopefully pack more of a punch. In some aspects, I will be comparing the Brisbane to the Sydney, so please do click the link above so you are aware of what I thought about the Sydney.

The Brisbane has the exact same look and feel as the Sydney. You’ve got that mesh-like fabric that covers most of the speaker and this time, either end of the speaker has a woofer to help deliver that much-needed bass that was lacking in the Sydney. The buttons are located at the top, one for on/off, connecting Bluetooth and volume up/down (skip track). To the rear and behind a rubber cover, is the micro USB port for charging and a 3.5mm jack if Bluetooth isn’t your thing.

The speaker is two, maybe three times larger than its smaller sibling and as a single speaker, it’s light and compact enough to travel around with you. If you pair two together, a bit more thought needs to go into the logistics of carrying them around. The speaker comes in just two finishes this time, Midnight Black and Fluffy Cloud, which is an off white/grey. Overall the speaker looks good, the additional woofers on the side look smart with their brushed metal finish and it does make for a premium feel.

As for spec, the Brisbane houses two 52mm 8watt drivers, a large 8000mAh battery offering upto 10 hours of playback, Bluetooth 5.0 tech and it’s IPX5 rated, meaning it can withstand a light drizzle of water. For more info on the specifics, head over to the Brisbane webpage.

Although impressed with the Sydney and what it can deliver for the size, the Brisbane is as expected, far superior. That extra driver and power is clearly noticeable and offers a well-mixed sound profile, this time with enough bass to complement the mids and highs. I had a very enjoyable experience while listening to a variety of tracks. The speaker can get fairly loud, the quality does hold out at the higher volumes but you can see those woofers are taking a beating. As there are two drivers, you do get a stereo sound but you can get more…

You can pair two of these together, offering a stereo solution which is fantastic and if they’re next to each other, makes a big difference. Thinking outside of the box for a minute, I split the speakers up, I put one in my living room and one in my study, distance about 6 metres. My phone was within me in the living room but I had just made a multi-room audio set up. There are clear limitations with this, the source can’t be too far away but this kind of arrangement could be beneficial to some.

At £99.99, it is significantly more expensive than the Sydney and for me, it’s a bit too much. If my memory is correct, I believe I saw these on sale for around the £79 mark, which makes much more sense to me and will attract a lot more customers. That being said, it’s a great little speaker that offers plenty of flexibility and battery life to suit many situations. By the pool, at the beach, on a bike ride through some dangerous, bear-infested forest…

Without a doubt, Urbanista has produced another quality product. Buy two, pair them together and it’s a great experience but it will set you back. For more info, head over to the official Urbanista website.