The internet is full of gaming headsets, and it’s not hard to think that more expensive means better. Generally, yes, it can mean that, but in some cases, like with the Giotech TX50 gaming headset, you can get a pretty decent audio experience for a budget price.

The Giotech TX50 gaming headset is extremely well built. It’s flexible enough that it doesn’t put too much pressure on your ears. It’s covered in a soft almost rubber like material, and it’s also extremely lightweight. The cushions themselves are super soft, on both the earpads and the headband which makes the TX50 a great go-to headset for long gaming sessions.

The box advertises these headphones use 50mm high-impact drivers, which to be honest, is a little bit like advertising speak, and mentions nothing about audio quality itself. The good news is the sound is actually pretty decent for a headset that comes in at under £30 retail.

For gaming, the Giotech TX50 gaming headset is punchy. Playing some games of Call of Duty Modern Warfare left me impressed. The sound stage isn’t the best, but what impressed me was the punchiness of the explosions from grenades, mixed in with bullet fire from the mids and even some shrapnel sounds from the high tones.

As expected, these are a gaming first set of cans. Listening to music, or even watching a movie will render the lows and highs a little bit lacking. Don’t get me wrong, they’re very full sounding, and yes, if you’re watching an action film, punches connect quite well. But the detail in the highs is almost non-existant, and if the headphones require more of a rumble type bass, especially in music, the Giotech TX50 fall down.

It’s also a shame that the Giotech TX50 doesn’t perform in the vocal audio department. The microphone produces a very tinny sound. It may be because I’m coming from using a decent audio interface and condenser microphone, but it’s a difficult one to get over. It’s passable, but does lack clarity.

Half way down the cable you can find an in-line remote which has a small volume wheel and a mute switch which is easily found during intense moments in games. The volume wheel though is small. But you of course shouldn’t have to change that while in-game. Because it uses a single audio jack cable, you can use this with both PS4 and Xbox One. I didn’t test it on a PC because I have a separate sound and microphone jack, but the box states that it does work on PCs too.

But, I can give them a pass for the issues I’ve found, simply because it’s such a decent price, and the gaming audio is very full and gives a nice amount of immersion. I’ve found them online at the time of writing this review at around ¬£24.99 but that could be due to the Christmas sales. For more information, you can head over to the Giotech website.