Ubisoft dropped the bomb yesterday didn’t they! They announced their new Assassin’s Creed game, aptley named ‘Valhalla’. They teased the above image, which clearly shows the games new direction, Vikings. A little history for you that aren’t aware, Vikings originated from Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and formed the Viking Era, circa 793 to 1066 CE, and started to raid us Brits and the French, searching for the best loot.

Why the Viking era though? That’s a bold move in my opinion and although I imagine the English countryside would look spectacular in the game, I can’t imagine myself sneaking up on a lonely farmer and his herd of sheep, for a couple of gold coins. However, if we look at the image in more detail, it shows two scenes, one at sea and one on land, so the chances are high that you’ll be able to sail across Europe, to raid castles and loot various countries gold reserves.

Ubisoft are boasting that there have been some 14 different dev studios invovled in this new game, which sounds like a managerial nightmare but having that many ideas bouncing between the studios, surely has to be a good thing for the players.

Hot off the press, the official trailer which has just been shared with us. Check it out below:

The trailer is a cinematic delight and could easily be passed off as an actual episode from the hit TV show Vikings. We got boats, we got epic battles, heroes, villains and of course, Odin.

At the start of the trailer and end, note the Xbox Series X and Xbox One logos. Potential exclusive? I doubt it but it shows us this will be released on new and old-gen consoles. There will be a ‘Gold Edition’, which will include the game and a season pass, one year most likely. Available Holiday 2020, so expect to see it sometime before Christmas.