Uber’s Gone London, What You Gonna Do?

So most of you have probably heard that Uber is being made to leave London, and most of you Londoners have probably already signed some kind of petition to keep them here. Do we like it? Not really. I liked the fact that I could click a couple of buttons on my mobile phone and a cab turned up outside the place I was partying. How about  you? We thought so. So here’s a list of the top apps that work just like Uber.



Gett is a service where  you can book black cabs to come and pick you up. It’s not as fast as Uber, and a little forward planning is needed, but it’s essentially the same. What’s more, around 50% of London black cabs have signed up to the service, so you should always have a ride.



Some of you may remember Hailo, which is what MyTaxi was called before the transformation. The service is still offering black cab services, but many of the features of Uber remain such as in-app payments and a live journey tracker. One benfit for you end of the week drinkers is that they offer half-price Fridays since Uber was dominating the market. Not sure if this is staying now, but it’s a nice discount to be had.



Now Splyt is a weird one. Think about how Uber Pool worked. You could get in an Uber and pick people up along the way to make the cost more efficient for yourself. Splyt works like that, but it ONLY offers split fares. There are spots where Splyt will pick you up from which basically means you will be sharing a cab regardless, but it means cheaper than normal fares I suppose.


Addison Lee

For you ultra organised people out there, you have Addison Lee, a pre-booking car service for your needs. Now I know they’re more expensive than Uber, but they still offer that door to door service that Uber did. It’s all done through their app and is  very simple to use. Just make sure you’re splitting the car fare with your friends before you get in, so they don’t try and get out of paying.


All the apps we mentioned here are available on Apple’s App Store and Android’s Play Store. And yes, it sucks Uber is going, but we’ve got to make the most out of it right?

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