Goobay Outdoor Powerbank Review

Ahhh camping in the great outdoors. Everyone has to experience it at least once I’d say… even if it’s just to get that one Instagram shot. Of course these experiences of being shut off from the rest of the world is no more, as mobile phone ranges can hit even the remotest parts of the planet now. So, with that being said, you’re definitely going to need the new Goobay Outdoor Powerbank as part of your survival kit.

You’re probably thinking ‘oh but it’s just another powerbank’ but no! It’s been specifically designed for the outdoors. The actual powerbank itself has been stuck inside a really tough housing, which is shock proof and even water proof so if it’s dropped on the ground or soaked in the lovely British weather we get, you don’t have to be worried about it breaking.

What’s smart about the Goobay Outdoor Powerbank is the fact it uses Smart technology, which is able to identify the device being charged and adjust it’s power feed to give optimum charging times. The powerbank is able to charge smartphones and tablets to keep you online. It has a 10050mAh battery too which means it can charge a phone four timesĀ or a tablet twice from dead.

There’s also a flashlight on top, which is pretty bright when used in the dark, and especially useful when trying to find your way back to your camp, or even that crucial Snickers bar in the bottom of your rucksack.

The Goobay Outdoor Powerbank is a nice product that I would say is probably essential for any of your spending time outdoors. Whether it’s camping, or working on some kind of construction site, this product will enable you to stay online, and grab those all important Instagram shots. This product was sent to us by Reichelt so go and check them out there. Reichelt is an online electronics retailer, with many products up to 20% cheaper.

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