TVs And Cameras And Cars… Oh My – Sony CES 2020 Press Event


So we’ve just finished up at Sony’s pre CES 2020 press conference, and to be honest with you, it was a very hit and miss kind of show. Don’t get me wrong, sitting in the audience at a major press conference, hearing Sony rattle off new features to already released products, and also show off the Playstation 5 logo was exciting, but it left there wanting a little more.

Nick and I went into the show thinking we were going to see televisions. Which we did, we got all the info on the brand new Z8H range, which is Sony’s new flagship models, coming in at 85 and 75″ respectively. They showed off the fact it can hit 8K resolutions with HDR, and is still using the same X1 processing engine that we’ve seen on last year’s models, although this time it’s been branded the X1 Extreme. The X1 analyses and processes data to power an 8K picture. There is also upscaling capabilities too, if you’re not quite hitting the full 8K resolution. Who is though right? Oh that’s it… no one. The X1 processor is paired with Sony’s deep learning X-Reality PRO and its 8K database that optimises your on-screen image against virtual real world textures.

Sony also went into soem information on the Playstation, but not the Five. They went over some previous feats like the fact Sony has sold a whole bunch of PS4s. pr the fact that Sony is continually innovating and introducing new features to the PS4 – like enabling external hard drive use or the fact they released Share Play. Great stuff, but still nothing we really wanted to hear. We wanted PS5, and to be fair, we got it. But not in the capacity that we were expecting. Sony showed off things that we already knew, like the Haptic/Adaptive triggers, or ultra high speed SSD, and hardware based Ray Tracing. We wanted something new. But all we got was a measly logo. No wait.. I mean WE GOT THE PS5 LOGO! Which looked exactly like the PS4 logo. Oh well, at least we got something.

What was interesting was the implimentation of 5G handsets on the back of broadcast quality cameras. Essentially, the wireless kit which included one of the Xperia handsets can be attached to the rear of a broadcast quality camera and then it sends a video signal to a central location, and the results, we were told have been extremely positive for the sporting industry, as they can now install cameras into places they never could in the past, like the wire cam at a football game, or on drones or even on the front of push bikes to give a sense of speed.

Last announcement, and one that was probably the highlight of the night was the car. The Sony Vision-S. A fully electric vehicle that you know is heading towards becoming a Tesla rival. It looks pretty fierce, and has some very nice features packed into the cabin. First is the immersive audio experience, whch promised 360-degree audio to give you an equal and immersive sound. There’s also a panoramic screen, which looked to stretch across the dashboard from the steering wheel to the passenger door. The ccar is also able to adapt to its user, with updateable system, a personalised cabin as well as Vision Link.

The car features 33 difference sensors inside and out. The outside use a mixture of technologies, like CMOS and LiDAR which help deliver object recognition and even guage distance measurments in real time to avoid collosions using a 3D grasp of real life space. The internal sensors, or Time-Of-Flight sensors are used to detect people and objects inside of the car. The information is used for infotainment, improved safety and comfort.

All sounds pretty interesting right? Well, the Sony Vision-S right now is just a concept, with no real goal of bringing it to market. It’s a testbed, for Sony to show off all their latest tech in one easy package, and to make us patrons of the Sony CES press conference raise our phones nad cameras in excitement and share our content on our social medias. But, unfortunately, they didn’t answer the most important question… is it a plauyable vehicle in the new Gran Tourismo?

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