Hands on with the new Samsung Q950TS 8K QLED TV


Last night we attended a Samsung unveiling at CES 2020. A packed ballroom full of fellow journalists, one large stage and as expected, Samsung unveil their brand new flagship TV, the Q950TS. We got up close and personal with it.

At the heart of the Q950TS is a brand new chip, a Quantum AI chip they’re calling it and it brings an array of new features to a TV including…

AI Upscaling with deep learning technology, which restores lower quality video to 8K resolution with 33 million pixels. It was mentioned that the content it’s upscaling from could be any quality, which is hard to believe but time will tell how effective that will be. It’s going to be a real struggle to convert some older 720p content. 

Adaptive picture which is meant to offer up the perfect picture, without going through any adjustments in the settings via autoatic changes of brightness and contrast of the screen, even in daylight or bright room conditions.

AI Scalenet which caught my eye. It’s a streaming technology developed by Samsung that enables real time 8K viewing on Samsungs QLED TVs without image quality deterioration, even without upgrading your existing internet network. It’s unclear exactly what this means but it must be some form of pre download, online cache systems of sorts.

Multiple voice assistants, which is exactly that. On the Q950TS plus any new TV from Samsungs 2020 range will be compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, making it easier than ever to control your TV, content and/or home with your voice.


A dual screen arrangement named Mobile view, which allows you to easily transport your smartphone display onto the TV, along side your TV content. Think X factor and twitter, or maybe not, that sounds like hell.

What else? The specs ofcourse! It’s an 8K QLED TV. It comes in various different sizes, it’s just 15mm deep which is crazy, it can sit completly flat against your wall and the bezel, it’s basically non existant, it’s truly beautiful. The TV offers a 5.1 vitrual surround sound solution, thanks to an array of speakers to the rear of it and if you connect to the TV up with a compatible soundbar and the audio will not only come out of the soundbar, but the TV too, helping improve the overal audio quality. They’re calling this Q sympathy.

A Digital Butler will also become available, which connects your TV with various other Samsung appliances such as your fridge freezer and it allows them all to communicate with each other to help improve and/or increase your smart home capabilities.

Lastly, Samsung TV Plus, which has been mentioned previously, but this is their solution for instant access to news, sports, entertainment and more. There is no download, additional devices or credit card needed. They’re also starting to create their own content and have two shows in the pipeline.

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