TVPlayer Television Service Review
The Good
  • A whole host of free and subscription based content
  • Catch-Up television included
  • Cheap compared to some premium services
The Bad
  • Some channels will not be available due to copyright restrictions
4.1Overall Score

With so many choices for content streaming available to us, it’s really hard to decide on which one you want to go for. Are you only interested in movies and a few television series? Netflix or Amazon Prime may be for you. But if you’re one of those few who are still holding on to a dying service *cough* live broadcast television *cough* then something like TVPlayer could be for you. Now as I don’t have a TV licence, which is needed for TVPlayer due to live broadcasts, I handed it over to my parents to try.

TVPlayer is a service which offers multiple live broadcast channels including the BBC, ITV, Four, Dave and Five. They also offer a number of subscription services to the premium channels like The History Channel and Eurosport. Overall there are around 85 channels, some of which are behind a paywall that you can access using TVPlayer,

The ability to watch TVPlayer depends on the kind of setup you have. Of course these channels can be accessed through the internet, so you must have a pretty beefy connection to stream them. If you can receive Netflix, TVPlayer won’t be a problem. But to get HD content, you need fast internet speeds, so double check your connections.

You will also need some kind of device te receive the service. My parents used their Xbox One to receive TVPlayer, but it’s also available through a Playstation 4, iOS or Android devices and even web browsers on a laptop. If you are in a hotel room for example, as long as you have paid for a TV licence for your home, then you are able to watch content through your browser anywhere.

Overall, TVPlayer’s content is where it really shines. Being able to have access to what us Brits would call the freeview channels, plus a whole host of other specialist free and paid for channels gives you what feels like an unlimited amount of content to get stuck into. You can find more information on the TVPlayer service on their website.

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