TrackR Bravo Review – A Way To Find Missing Keys

The most annoying thing is when you’re running late and are missing your door keys. You got in last night out the rain in a hurry and have no idea where you placed them. Check behind the sofa cushions, that’s a popular place. Well with the new TrackR Bravo, you will never be without your keys, or anything else you attach it to for that matter.

The TrackR Bravo is a small disk shaped device that can attach to pretty much anything with a hook, although keys seems to be their most popular example thanks to the key ring that usually holds them all together.

The Bravo relies on an app to track your items which is available through the Android Play Store or iOS App Store. Both apps for both types of mobile work exactly the same. Once your TrackR Bravo has been paired, then you can rely on that to let you know where the item is.

It uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone, and must retain this Bluetooth signal for the alarm aspect to work. If you lose your keys for example, and the TrackR is on the key ring, you can use the app to set off a high-pitched alarm so you can easily locate your lost item. However, the alarm will only sound if you are in range of your lost keys. We found this to be a problem if you were at one side of the house. and the keys are at the other.

One other thing, the Bravo isn’t waterproof, which looking at other trackers, isn’t great. If you lose your keys while outside, and it starts to rain, you could be in trouble. There is an optional waterproofing housing that you can get as an optional extra directly from TrackR or even Amazon. This trade off is because TrackR lets you change the batteries. Battery life we have been told would last around a year, but this could depend on how often you sound the alarm, or the Bluetooth signal is used. We haven’t tested this for a year, but from what I’ve seen online, people are mentioning dead batteries after six months.

It’s a handy device to keep track of your belongings, but the range and strength of signal could be enough to put someone off. Also, if you’re someone like me who keeps their Bluetooth turned off to save phone battery life, it was hit and miss whether it would pick up the TrackR again once my Bluetooth was switched back on again. You can find more information from the TrackR website.

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