TP Link Kasa Smart Light Bulb Review

TP Link Kasa Smart Light Bulb

TP-Link have a range of smart home devices under the ‘Kasa’ branding. They include smart plugs, switches and lamps (or bulbs), which connect to your home network and integrate into third party systems such as Alexa, Google & Cortana. It’s all about saving energy and improving user experience right? Well we got sent one of their lamps to try out in our own home.

There are a number of lamps under the Kasa banner, including a variety of colour & light outputs, connection types, shapes & sizes and they even offer a strip lighting solution. All these lamps use LED’s as their light source, making them as energy efficient as they can be right now.


Each lamp has a specific code, we got the KL130, which is one of their multicoloured lamps with your typical Edison screw fit or E27 connection. Fear not, the lamp comes with a bayonet adapter if your light fitting uses those. These lamps come in different connections, so it’s worth checking your light fitting before purchasing. The KL130 has a total lumen output of 800lm, with 10w power consumption, 2500-9000k colour temp (including RGB colours) and works on a 2.4Ghz network. I’ve been unable to find out which LED chips are used in this lamp.

Other than the lamp and the adapter, you just get a small amount of literature in the box and that’s it. The lamp itself looks just like any ordinary lamp, in shape, size & appearance. It has a frosted glass cover, to help dissipate the light and doesn’t allow you to see the LED chips themselves. Other than the branding and black coloring on the casing, you wouldn’t know this was a smart lamp and will fit in fine with your light fittings, unless you’re looking for that modern exposed filament look.

Screw the lamp straight into your fitting, turn it on and it will light up as you’d expect, with the default warm white output. To benefit from the smart features, you need to download the free TP-Link Kasa app on your IOS & Android device. Once installed, it’s a matter of following the on screen instructions and for the end result, the lamp will be connected to your home network.

TP Link Kasa Smart Light Bulb

Within the app, there are a number of different settings & options which you can adjust, allowing you to change how your lamp performs. You can turn the lamp on or off, change the brightness (0-100%), change the colour (stock colours or pallet) and change the colour temperature from warm 2500k upto cool 9000k. There are also a number of presents you can use or create your own, for certain situations and you can also set schedules for when you are home or away. The kasa app allows you to add multiple lamps, group them and also control other Kasa products.

The app and lamp work seemlessly together, you can adjust something on the app and you can see the changes there & then. The app is very simple to use, it’s well laid out and takes no technical background to use. Oh, I forgot to mention it has voice control too!

After using this lamp for a week or so, it’s been fantastic and a breeze to control. The scheduling works, the colour range is great, the quality of light is very good and seeing the changes instantly is exactly what you want. TP-Link say the lamp has a life cycle of nearly 23 years (based on 3hrs useage per day) which is phenomenal. Somewhat skeptical on that figure, as it’s more likely some of the tech inside the lamp will fail before the light source but either way, it’s an impressive stat. Get a number of these around your house and it will be great.

You can pick this model up for around £40, cheaper for the non colour change options. For more info and to purchase, head over to the TP-Link webpage.

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