A lot of people might be intimidated by the idea of building their own website. Maybe they don’t have knowledge of html beyond a few snippets or don’t even know what html is. But with all the tools we have today, building a website can be as simple as dragging a few elements here and there and no more difficult then editing a text document. In this article, we’re going to give you a few reasons why you should consider building your own website.

Speak with Your True Voice

When building a website, creating a connection is very important. And this is why a personal website has to tell a story through text, images, and content. By using your own voice when building your website, you will be able to create a more direct connection with your audience, which can help you build trust with them. Websites that are too polished can become impersonal and could actually hurt you if you’re trying to sell yourself as a brand. A website designer will never be able to tell your own story the way you can, so if you really want your site to have its own personal touch, there is no better way to go than building it yourself.

Save Money

It goes without saying that having your site built by a professional designer can cost a lot of money – money that you may not have as a budding entrepreneur. When starting, building a website may not be an expense that you can afford, but having a website can still be central to your business. Building your own website using a platform like Webeden for instance would be a great alternative solution. All you have to do is get a domain name, pick a template, fill in the blanks, and you can have a site up and running for a few pounds. That’s hard to beat.

Make Free Updates Whenever You Want

In addition to paying for a professional designer, you’ll also have to deal with a webmaster to update your site from time to time. Depending on whether you’re paying them per job or keeping one on a retainer, the costs can easily go up if you need to make constant updates. Something as simple as changing the operating hours on your website could end you costing you more than you can afford. When running your own website, you can make minor changes on the go without paying a dime.

No Need to Deal with the All the Details

If you’re using a self-hosted platform, you also don’t have to deal with things like hosting or even security for instance. Many self-hosting platforms will take care of that for you and will take care of security updates and breaches as well. You also don’t have to deal with things like search engine optimisation as these sites will usually be automatically optimised for you.

You Might Not Need a Designer After all

If all you’re trying to do is create a simple portfolio site to showcase your work or a simple ecommerce site to sell a few items, you could easily do that on your own by using a self-hosted platform. The whole process could take just a few hours and you’ll have access to support if anything goes wrong. Some sites just don’t need to be made by professionals and you’d be better off having full control of your website instead and have access to a support team whenever you need.

Building your own website doesn’t have to be a challenge. With a little bit of savoir faire and the will to learn, you could have your own website running for a fraction of the price, so you should definitely consider the option if you feel it could work for you.