When you’ve got poor lighting, or it’s night time, and you’re trying to work, you usually turn the lights on. Those lights are typically ceiling mounted, glaring down on your computer screen, using up alot of energy. However, with the BenQ ScreenBar lamp, your PC power can provide the ideal amount of light required on your desk. The ScreenBar is an LED lamp, that clips to the top of your computer monitor, hangs over the front of the screen, projecting light onto your desk. It’s glare free, it offers dimming control and colour change. Let’s see how well it performs.

In the box, you get the lamp itself, the mount and a 1m long micro USB cable. The lamp clips into the mount, in a specific way. It’s easy to get in, just check the instructions provided. Do not force the lamp into the mount, it’s not needed and may damage it. You need to insert the lamp into the mount and twist it carefully into position. The mount automatically retracts when you open it, allowing you to open the mount up, place onto your monitor and release to secure. There is a 10degree allowance, to manually position the light, but you are very much limited when the USB cable is inserted. The USB cable is inserted into the lamp, through the mount, and then plugged it into your PC or monitor. Your PC or monitor does not need to be on to power the light, which is handy. You can also use a phone charger plug adapter if desired, or power bank, just make sure you supply 5V / 1A of power.

The lamp is constructed from aluminium alloy, it’s very thin & long, and will be suitable for most, if not all, flat panel monitors, thanks to its flexible mount. On the top of the lamp are the controls, 4 buttons, all of which are touch sensitive.  You have the on/off button, auto dim, manual dim up/down and colour temperature. You also have a light sensor, just off centre, which is used for the auto dim option.


There is no set up required, just place, power and go. The auto dim setting uses the light sensor, to adjust the brightness level automatically to suit your environment. Don’t like how it’s dimmed? Fear not, as you can manually dim the light up and down, in stages, with each touch of the dim button.

The lamp itself includes an LED strip within it, which is IEEE PAR1789 regulation compliant for flicker in LED lighting, plus it’s free of ‘blue light hazard’. There are 8 colour change steps available, starting at a warm 2700k, up to a very cool 6500k, all of which are compliant with the ANSI white colour standard. The strip is angled in such a way, that is has an asymmetrical optical design that only illuminates the desk and ensures zero reflective glare off the screen.

The design is nice, it looks very smart, sleek and overall quite discrete on your monitor. The buttons are very responsive, and the control/options are great. The quality of light is excellent, and glare isn’t an issue at all, which really surprised me. This is the perfect solution if you need that extra light on your desk, for writing, type or any other work you may have. It’s available on Amazon, via BenQ and is on sale at just £89. Scrap the table lamp, get yourself one of these!


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